Nuvo Creative

Case Study:  Nuvo Creative

Since 1985, Nuvo Creative has been dedicated to providing world class graphic design, marketing and affordable web design services.  And since 1994 they have delivered outstanding websites, some of which they are still maintaining.  The common denominator in their service offerings has been their creativity and innovation in solving their customers’ marketing problems.   Russel Nouveau is the brand architect with Nuvo Creative.  His real passion is to help business people succeed and prosper, and this has led him to an interest in small business certification.  Small business certifications are like professional certifications; they document a special capability or status that will help the business compete in the marketplace.   Russel developed a relationship with Jim Joyce, the lead consultant of Best Practice Business Systems, and together they embarked on the challenge of transforming Nuvo Creative into an ISO9001 compliant company.  Russel the designer and innovator; Jim the engineer and pragmatist.   There were to be five meetings to set up the quality management system.  By the second meeting Russel saw the light and started innovating.  The improvements flowed as new ideas were discussed.  The thinking was well and truly outside the box.   The resulting QMS was challenging.  Internal auditing exposed non-conformances, and a plan of action was agreed.  Four weeks after the QMS was set up Nuvo Creative gained its second-party ISO9001 compliant certificate.  Russel was delighted.