Reverse Process Management

Reverse Process Management

One of the most frustrating aspects of an expanding business occurs when operating processes appear to be out of control.  This becomes readily apparent when employees are sick or are on annual leave, but particularly so when an employee leaves employment.  This lack of control prevents improvement and puts the business at risk with its customers.  Deployment flowcharts have been promoted as a means to gain control, but in our experience there are many ways that an agreed flowchart can be accomplished, none of which may be the optimal process.

Employees find it difficult to not only write down their processes but also to write them succinctly.  There are unresolved grey areas, the solution to which can only be found using a validating approach.

We offer a process improvement analysis service for organisations who want to get their operating processes first under control and then to systematically improve them.  We use Reverse Process Management techniques to harvest the optimum process from the employee who knows what is required.

Our consultant works with each process holder to establish a written customer focussed process.  The draft process is then reviewed by the process holder, revised as necessary and submitted to senior management for approval.  

We firmly believe that a business cannot be successful unless it continually improves its operating processes, and the first step in this is to get control over them.  If you need control, and you feel that we could be useful, please contact us.